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Training and development of employees is a frequent topic in companies. Companies increasingly understand that investing in developing team skills is critical to adapting to market needs and even anticipating trends.

With the advance of technology, the way of teaching and learning has changed. Online education is growing in Brazil and the expectation is that these numbers will increase even more. According to the Higher Education Census of 2016, from Inep, while the face-to-face teaching had an annual drop of 0.08% in enrollments, distance learning had an expansion of 7.2%.

In this scenario, using LMS is very positive. DOT has developed a platform for learning experience, StudiOn, which goes beyond a traditional LMS.

Read on and learn the benefits of applying it to your corporate education strategy.

What is an LMS platform?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. In a simplified way, we can say that it is a platform that encompasses all the stages of acquiring new knowledge, from the access of the students, through the control and monitoring of the learning process, to generation of reports and issuance of certificates.

Companies are already aware of this trend: according to Capterra research, 93% of CEOs will maintain or increase the training and e-learning budget.

To learn more, read on and check out 4 benefits of using StudiOn, a platform for learning experience.

1-   Reduced costs

An EdTech training ensures more agility in the learning process, reducing the time of dedication and increasing productivity. There are many used strategies: games, videos, simulators, learning tracks or podcasts. All this allows a more dynamic learning.

The strategies should be developed individually in each company, so that it fulfills the outlined goal. Along with a specialized team of educational consultants, it is possible to define the most effective way to provide knowledge building.

2-   Flexibility

The advance of the internet and consumption of content via mobile devices is clear. In Brazil, a FGV (Getulio Vargas Foundation) research shows that the country has surpassed the mark of one smartphone per inhabitant: nowadays there are 220 million cellphones in use here.

Education must follow this trend. The internet allows students to keep up with the contents from where they are, allowing them to study when it’s best for them. An LMS platform should be mobile friendly and ensure a perfect user experience.

3-   Faster learning

With microlearning strategies, which is nothing more than offering content in learning pills, the process of absorbing information becomes more flexible and effective.

With shorter videos that synthesize the most important information, student engagement increases and collaborators can study whenever they have the time or whenever they need to.

4-   Following  current trends

Microlearning, gamification, augmented reality, virtual reality … these are just examples of tools that can be customized in an LMS platform to optimize the learning process.

Research shows that traditional training does not achieve the expected ROI and is not as effective in helping to retain students’ knowledge.

Preparing your team to act in this scenario turns your company into a business reference and makes it, now, a company of the future.

How DOT can help

StudiOn is a platform for learning experience, a modern and advanced LMS. Cloud-based, with high-capacity framework and file support in any format, the platform has been fully developed focusing on people – those who will manage the course as well as on the students.

StudiOn offers a customized learning environment according to your strategy and it can be designed perfectly for your company. Talk to our experts!


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A Smart LMS Can Expand Corporate Education

[LMS] Education, using digital technologies, gains importance in organizations and is seen as essential for competitiveness. Recognizing that continuous employee capacitation should be encouraged is only one of the phases of culture change in organizations that are increasingly participating in this movement, with the creation of specific areas for education, development and training.

The benefits of corporate education are many and the strategies are diverse, but I specifically highlight the choice of the educational technology platform: the Learning Management System (LMS).

By using an LMS, you opt for a platform that can unify many educational solutions in a single and escalating system. By using an intelligent LMS, it is possible to establish rules, indicate content and performance progression, promote engagement and measure results, considering each employee, regarding their individual needs and the established goals.

“There’s no secret, LMS is an essential tool in educational design. It will guide employees to procedural changes, new competencies and immerse them in the organizational culture, all safely and confidentially. “


Connectivity Reduces Costs

One of the trends that should be part of corporate projects is the creation of short courses that are totally online, leaving behind programs and training that previously lasted several days.


Another trend in successful corporations is that professional training has a direct impact on performance evaluation, even defining bonus and project allocation [1], information that only a smart platform can provide.

Corporate education puts employees and, consequently, the business in a privileged position before the competitors, since they have already trained several scenarios in a safe environment for experimentation. Especially in corporations that have offices all over the country or around the world, distance learning becomes the main strategy in people management, equalizing both learning and culture gaps.

Providing continuing education is a multi-step process that can be simplified by investing in an intelligent LMS.The DOT digital group has developed StudiOn, a modern, advanced, cloud-based LMS with high-capacity framework and support for files in any format, broadening user’s experience. Providing a learning environment customized according to your strategy brings value to your company.

The most remembered corporations are those that offer practical and measurable solutions. Preparing your team to act in this scenario turns your company into a business reference and makes it, now, a company of the future.

StudiOn can have the face of your company. Think about it and talk to our experts!


Luiz Alberto Ferla is CEO and founder of DOT digital group.


1 – Available At: <>. Accessed on: 17 Jul. 2018.

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