(Português do Brasil) As 7 estratégias de educação mais utilizadas em 2019

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Pronto: a mobile platform based on microlearning

There’s no denying that mobile devices are part of our daily lives in an irreversible way. Following this trend, people want instant and hands-on learning with time optimization and training wherever and whenever they want.

When thinking about market dynamism and learning agility, DOT has developed Pronto, a mobile platform based on microlearning, that makes content consumption practical and more engaging through a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Why use microlearning in companies?

The microlearning strategy has proved extremely popular among employees who no longer want to spend hours in boring learning environments.

While most get excited about developing new skills, traditional methods in corporate education often fail to keep students interested and engaged.

So, what can you do to keep them interested? Microlearning is the new trend in learning!

In short, Microlearning is a strategy for distributing content in learning pills, which makes the process of absorbing information more flexible and effective.

Why bet on Pronto?

The Pronto platform is fully connected to the microlearning strategy, as well as offering:

  • Mobile first;
  • Flexibility for creation and consumption;
  • Better adaptation to student interests and activities.


And of course, Pronto is aligned with gamification, an approved approach in several companies and already mature in training and qualification procedures. Gamification is integrated into distance education by bringing massively validated engagement techniques into the gaming industry.

Check out the benefits of using Pronto

1- Mobile

Pronto is a platform primarily thought for mobile devices, which can receive dynamic content without being limited to rigid curricular structures. Instead, it allows adaptations and flexible rules.

New approaches to distance learning – such as microlearning – are increasingly required, since people prefer to learn in small daily “pills” of knowledge when they have a few free minutes, wherever they are.

2- Pronto is lean

It provides learning objects that the students themselves can integrate to, as demands and interests grow, but within a program for learning objectives.

3- Flexibility

Short and relevant content adapts to Pronto, being structured from a microlearning strategy, which provides quick and just-in-time information according to student’s needs and doubts.

As for the format, Pronto includes videos, podcasts, infographics, ebooks, forums, quizzes and various forms of games, downloadable files, among others that can be used to give life to many contents in the same educational experience.

4- Gamification

Adding game elements to a platform – and that does not mean turning it into a game – is an excellent strategy for engaging students with their purposes.

Gamification provides extra incentive for content consumption in the medium and long term. Not every solution developed for Pronto needs to be gamified, but whoever decides to join this strategy gains an extra layer of engagement.

Now that you know how Pronto can help you insert microlearning in companies and optimize your strategy in corporate education, talk to our experts.

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Why mobile learning is so effective

Your team’s training needs new approaches. In the mobile era, people prefer to use short periods of free time wherever they may be to learn content in small “daily pills”.

Click on the image to see our interactive infographic with details on the mobile market and the opportunities it offers.

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[Vídeos] Microlearning em micromomentos. Respostas para suas dúvidas!

Microlearning em micromomentos foi feito especialmente para você tirar as principais dúvidas, em apenas 40”, sobre esta estratégia tão eficiente na Educação Corporativa

Com a palavra a nossa Consultora Educacional, Gabriella Miranda \o/

Como o microlearning melhora a retenção de conhecimento?


Microlearning é só dividir um conteúdo em partes menores?


Microlearning só serve para aprendizagem mobile?


O microlearning é para qualquer perfil? Não sei se meu público se adaptaria…

O aluno não terá nenhum material de apoio maior?


Baixe nosso ebook

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4 reasons why your collaborators will prefer microlearning

Microlearning has been one of the most effective strategies for corporate education, with content distributed in small doses of learning, making the information absorption process more flexible and effective.

In addition, the new learning trend allows the contents to be worked on in various formats such as video, podcasts, text, infographics and quizzes.

Check now the 4 reasons why your employees will opt for training through Microlearning!





If the smartphone is always in the hand, take advantage and promote corporate education programs with the mobile format. Microlearning applications are an excellent option to reach various types of audiences.

With this learning method, employees can study when they have time available or need more technical information, wherever they are.

Check out the TIVIT case that used an app for microlearning in the onboarding strategy.





Advanced media resources such as games, videos and narratives are widely used as a teaching method in microlearning. Strategies like these keep the student engaged and still contribute to the content being better absorbed.





With the technology more advanced, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) it’s possible that microlearning is increasingly personalized to the employee. Knowledge trails may seem quite far from the microlearning strategy, but they are not!

In fact, the great differential of an education strategy, nowadays, is this personalization. Tools are able to organize the learning preferences, types of approach (media formats) and rhythm of each user. With this data, the tool itself can suggest content to be consumed according to the needs of the employee.





Microlearning is essential with regard to its ability to stimulate self-confidence. When courses are short, properly indicated and focused on a single objective, the team members can get more information or instructions in just a few minutes.

Training your employees to do their jobs autonomously has a surprising impact at the level of engagement and retention – not to mention effectiveness and productivity in general.

Regardless of the segment in which your organization is inserted, there will always be education and training requirements. Use microlearning strategies as part of your corporate education mix.

Click here and get to know the Pronto Learning, the application for your education strategy in small doses of knowledge!

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The generations and their ways of learning

The DOT team of experts has developed yet another ebook for professionals who need to understand the best way and the best technological tools when it comes to empowering your team.

The generations and their ways of learning

In this ebook we show how the socioeconomic and historical moment directly influences people’s behavior.

This is where the famous generations come in, different periods of history that impact on the way young people and adults consume, work and learn.

Learn how Baby Boomers, Generations X, Y, Z and the small ones of Alpha Generation prefer to learn and what their particularities when it comes to teaching and training.

Download now our ebook

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8 tendências para a Educação Corporativa em 2018

A educação corporativa se desenvolveu a ponto de adquirir status de área estratégica dentro das instituições. Criada para ajustar as necessidades de negócio, hoje a educação dentro das organizações também serve para captar as mudanças de mercado na velocidade em que elas ocorrem, principalmente por conta da revolução tecnológica.

Acompanhar as tendências e aplicá-las no negócio já não é o bastante. Nos dias de hoje, os fatores investimento e resultado são primordiais para que programas de capacitação aconteçam.

8 tendências

Confira no nosso novo ebook as estratégias de EdTech (Education Technology) que vão nortear a educação corporativa em 2018, baseadas em tendências de comportamento humano e inovação tecnológica.



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