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Games have always pleased audiences. They motivate, enthuse and focus on the behavior of the players. For years games have been linked almost exclusively to the entertainment industry.But the scenario has changed and today, using games is a valuable resource in corporate education.

Get to know the Honda case for sales force now!

Honda had two challenges: to replicate the actual functions of their CRM by simulating the situations and difficulties faced by dealership’s managers across the country, and enable the Sales team to sell the Honda Bank financing.


The solution was to create two games to be used in live training. For the challenge with CRM, the game was developed in the desktop format, which faithfully simulates the main functions of the real system, but that adds the game dynamics with the inclusion of objectives, actions external to the system and points, always based on the gamification strategy.

For the sales challenge, another game was created, this one for tablets and smartphones. With an interactive story and virtual customers, the game simulates calls for salespeople to learn how to interview customers, collect data, propose and negotiate.


Everything for the employee to learn in a digital environment before acting with real clients 🙂





The games are aimed at the motorcycle and car segments and was tested and approved by Honda’s sales teams. The positive results are coming together with sales effectiveness and better service!

About 2,500 people have already been trained in four months of the program. The Honda Financial Services Training team has already received a return from dealers reporting improved service and increased financing sales. Upon completion of the program, the game will be available on Honda’s education platform so that vendors can play online, keeping learning from face-to-face training alive any longe


The game has the mechanics of time-management, where the player must perform the actions and finish the objectives in the given time, a solution that combines with the real goal of the managers that is to manage the leads quickly.

Objectives and actions are also evaluated according to the correct use of the tool and the correct application of the processes.In this way it is always possible to evaluate, measure and intercede with the team!

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