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A practical way to learn.

App built on the concept of micro-learning, making education more accessible and agile.

Knowledge in the palm of your hand!

Pronto Learning was built to deliver the right amount of content, at the right amount of time. An intuitive and gamified interface that meets your employee’s demands.


Face-to-face management

Pronto will be able to complement your on-site training activities, incorporating b-learning modality. Manage grades and attendance through the administrative panel.

Create surveys

Create surveys for your users with descriptive, multiple-choice or single-choice questions. View responses in custom reports!

Pronto is made for:

  • Agile and accessible corporate training

  • Educational segmentation strategies

  • Users who appreciate am Intuitive interface

  • Companies who want to gain autonomy in their corporate education strategies
  • Leadership that needs to optimize time

Consume content offline!

Internet connection cannot be a barrier to education. Pronto was created to work under any circumstance, online or offline!

Users will be able to download courses on their phone and consume them offline.

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