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EdTech success cases


Development of distance education platform

SENAR, a reference in education and training of rural people, had the challenge of launching the first medium-level technical course for agribusiness.

The DOT digital group has developed a distance education platform with format and contents that are appropriate to the rural workers’ needs.

The platform includes a hybrid format of courses, with use of didactic materials, videotapes, virtual environment guided by a tutor.

Currently, the Technical Course in Agribusiness, a distance course, counts on about 7 thousand students in 23 Brazilian states.

Much of the course success is due to the commitment and partnership with DOT, which is involved all the time with the objective of contributing to the formal education of agribusiness professionals."

Maria Cristina Ferreira Formal Education Coordinator at SENAR


Postgraduate distance courses

IBMEC, a reference in higher education in Brazil, had the challenge of updating and developing new postgraduate courses with mobile access, meeting the needs of the target audience and considering the educational and technological trends.

DOT has developed a complete Educational and Visual Design for the perfect equalization of the new courses and the necessary updates. The subjects were developed with responsiveness and language appropriate to the profile of the students, as well as interactive and dynamic resources. A BSB game was also developed for the Strategic Management course, awakening students' interest in the content.

A total of 23 courses have been updated and developed, designed for multi-device access.

World Bank

Client distance training

The process of training public and private entities seeking funding from the institution took five days and did not always have satisfactory results.

Distance learning platform with the necessary technology to present the theoretical contents, using an instructional design of the contents and didactic resources.

The course success in Brazil led the World Bank to design the expansion of the solution for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2017. The platform, in Spanish and English, will be able to identify the user’s country of origin and automatically offer the course in the appropriate language, including content adaptation to the specific needs of each country.

DOT has been a partner of the World Bank in Brazil for almost 3 years, with the development of e-learning products that stand out for our development in Latin America. The team is always receptive to our needs, with the ability to understand our requests and deliver products that go beyond our expectations."

Eduardo França Financial Management Specialist at the World Bank


Corporate Education

Implement TIVIT distance education and expand the TECHNO TIVIT academy, which includes programs to train the company's IT professionals.

Our offer contemplated the development and implementation of a technological platform adapted to the company needs, with contents and professionals able to support the project.

The project, implemented more than a year ago, already has 232 courses, available to more than seven thousand employees. With the positive results, TIVIT launched the Corporate Education Portal, with offers for the company's other seven academies.

TIVIT has been strengthened more and more with the corporate education structure, since it is a very important and strategic area for our business. Education comes as support for digital transformation to take place at TIVIT."

Kelly Rickes General Manager of Organizational Development at TIVIT


The need to relate and engage its consultants throughout Brazil led Natura, one of the largest companies in the production of cosmetics in Latin America, to invest in the development of a gamification strategy.

To motivate and engage Natura consultants to participate in the incentive program.

Natura knows that indicators and results are part of the corporate education strategy. Therefore, in the developed project, DOT did a pilot study with 30,000 thousand consultants, before starting the gamification strategy.

The operation resulted in the objectives and KPIs determination, making it possible to create incentive systems for the consultants of the most diverse profiles. These data were also determinant for the measurement of results, business mapping, elaboration of personas and value behaviors.

With the scenario in hand, it was possible to design the best strategy to impact the consultants. The gamification strategy is being implemented in the testing phase with thousands of consultants throughout Brazil.


Content management and digital presence.

ENGIE is a world leading energy producer, operating in more than 70 countries. In Brazil, ENGIE is the largest private power generator, with 31 power plants, producing about 6% of the country's capacity. The challenge was to establish a digital presence for the brand, seeking a relationship with possible leads from the Energy Market. At the same time, the company also handed over to DOT the responsibility of managing the digital communication of its Solar Energy area, seeking to strengthen its image on the Internet and conquer leads for the sale of solar photovoltaic panels.

A digital presence planning was developed for each one of the ENGIE areas, focusing on inbound marketing for brand visibility and attraction of qualified leads.Strategies include: blogs, social networks, e-mail marketing, newsletters, infographic articles and microvideos.

ENGIE is already experiencing greater visibility in the digital environment, positioning the brand as a leader and a benchmark in the Energy Market and in solar energy.


Corporate game development

Honda had two challenges: to replicate the actual functions of their CRM by simulating the situations and difficulties faced by dealership’s managers across the country, and enable the Sales team to sell the Honda Bank financing.

The solution was to create two games to be used in live training. For the challenge with CRM, the game was developed in the desktop format, which faithfully simulates the main functions of the real system, but that adds the game dynamics with the inclusion of objectives, actions external to the system and points, always based on the gamification strategy. For the sales challenge, another game was created, this one for tablets and smartphones. With an interactive story and virtual customers, the game simulates calls for salespeople to learn how to interview customers, collect data, propose and negotiate.

The games are aimed at the motorcycle and car segments and was tested and approved by Honda's sales teams.

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