Senar Goiás receives national education award


SENAR Goiás’ Distance Learning Program received the Learning & Performance Brazil Award 2018/2019 last Monday (27) in the category National Reference, which recognizes the best experiences in distance education in the country.

The award recognizes the best distance education experiences in the country, in terms of objectives, performance, skills, learning, succession and career.

During the presentation were highlighted the results achieved through the offer of 26 distance courses, with more than 42,000 registrations since 2014, and also the courses’ impact on the rural businesses optimization, in the qualification of young people who will, in the near future, lead the agribusiness sector in Goiás and in the improvement of the quality of rural people’s lives.

The project uses technological solutions and content developed by DOT digital group, a Brazilian group specialized in EdTech solutions.

“We were very proud to receive the news. We have a dedicated team serving SENAR Goiás, always attentive to the best strategies and technologies. Being part of this transformation, where more and more people from the agribusiness can train and grow through digital education, is a huge honor”, said Luiz Alberto Ferla, CEO at DOT digital group.

The ceremony took place in São Paulo. The superintendent of SENAR Goiás, Antônio Carlos de Souza Lima Neto, and Fernando Couto, the Manager of Formal Education, were there.


Photo: Promotion

Source: Faeg Senar Communication System

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