DOT digital group lectures in conference about corporate education in New York

At Columbia University, COO and DOT Consultant present successful cases.

DOT digital group will be present in a major conference on corporate education in the United States. Rubens Oliveira, COO and educational consultant Gabriella Miranda of the DOT digital group will attend the International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace 2018 (ICELW), which is held annually at Columbia University in New York and is already in its 11th edition.

The event will take place between June 13 and 15, in which experts from more than 50 countries, representing organizations, academic institutions and government entities, will discuss the challenges and changes of digital education in companies and the use of technology to improve performance at work. ICELW also brings together researchers and professionals from around the world, and welcomes all those interested in the uses of technology to improve the performance of education in the workplace.

How are we going?
A brazilian entrepreneurial group that believes there are no time or space limits for learning. The theme translates what we do daily: promote education for all, without limits of space or time.

Among the cases we are going to present – all focused on the expansion of online education and human promotion – Natura, client with a project related to the brand’s consultants, the World Bank and SENAR are highlights in the presentation on June 15.

Find out a little more about these cases.

ICELW 2018
Columbia University Conference Center, New York – USA
June 13-15, 2018.

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