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Developing and applying the concept of corporate education is a daunting task, but that does not mean it should be difficult or cumbersome. Leading organizations to a culture of professional and personal development involves implementing systems and tools that stimulate learning, collaboration, and building knowledge that can be applied immediately and improved over time. One of the most complete alternatives for instituting this culture is the LMS (Learning Management System). Do you know what it is?

“The LMS can be a great ally to put into practice the ongoing training project of your company. A well-built and managed system can become one of the most important training tools.”

And what are the advantages of using a learning management system in my company?

More than a content repository, the LMS can be the strategic mechanism for those who want to move forward in organizations’ human resources policy. In a world where information reaches people with mind-boggling speed, aggregating all the tools, knowledge, and referrals can dramatically improve communication and productivity. 

By itself, this would already be a huge advantage of investing in an LMS, but the search for better results brings new meaning in the use of this tool. By aggregating procedures, standards, training, archives, personal and organizational performance indicators, campaigns and others, the LMS highlights the path that each employee has traveled within the company. This learning trail serves both to the user to build his career and to inspire his colleagues.

How to extract the best from my LMS?

Bringing the company to the 21st century is not only investing in technology, but knowing how to best apply it. Considering individual needs, LMS is the best tool to meet the most diverse levels of knowledge. Each employee learns at his own pace and the content can be adapted in a variety of formats, such as microlearning, videos, games. The differentiation in the formats ensures the engagement and allows adjustment to keep the team challenged.
DOT digital group develops StudiOn, a complete LMS for corporate education and educational institutions. One of the biggest advantages for companies is to be able to manage everything from full reports on employee learning to creating various profiles in the system.

Experience API

One of the main trends for LMS platforms is the inclusion of experience APIs (xAPI), in order to enable the tracing of user experiences in learning. StudiOn was already designed to do that.

In addition, the benefits of working with a modular learning platform are immense, because it enables the institution to adapt its teaching strategies to the platform, without having to get features that it will not use.

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