Gamification in corporate education | Case Natura

Gamification na educação corporativa

Using gamification in corporate education strategies is a trend, since the motivational features of games can make the teaching-learning process more attractive, engaging and fun.

Natura, one of the largest companies in cosmetics production in Latin America, has invested in gamification solutions developed by DOT.

Want to know how it works in practice? Learn about the gamification strategy applied at Natura!


Natura faced a challenge: to motivate and engage consultants to increase sales productivity and brand interaction.


Before starting the gamification strategy, DOT developed a pilot study with 30,000 thousand consultants.

The operation resulted in the determination of objectives with measurable associated KPIs, making it possible to create incentive systems for consultants of different profiles. This data is also crucial for calculating ROI, refining the strategy and understanding the target audience.

The objective was to encourage consultants to adopt good habits, such as being better prepared for consulting, studying Natura’s institutional campaigns, checking their financial status, knowing the products better and improving customer service. That is, the system would be available online, emphasizing mobile use via smartphones and tablets, and pinpoint practical issues on the company’s business and complex content.


The research made it possible to design the best strategy with the consultants, guaranteeing input for evaluating results and making possible adjustments to the strategy.

This resulted in the consultants reinforcing several positive habits, such as  ordering products online and reducing paperwork. 

Use gamification in your corporate education strategy

Like Natura and many other successful DOT cases, your company can also use gamification to leverage corporate education.

Count on DOT to strategically analyze your business and the technical requirements for defining the indicators and goals of your corporate education project (face-to-face and online).

This was the Natura corporate training challenge solved by DOT. What is your challenge?


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