Gamification in Franchises: Applebees case


In 2013 Applebees, the US restaurant franchise, decided to innovate to address a problem regarding the motivation and training of thousands of employees. Find out how Applebee’s success with Gamification can be repeated in your business.


A common challenge in franchises

In general this was what Applebees was experiencing:

  • 7,000 employees, of whom 90% claimed to feel unmotivated for work;
  • Most under 30, being paid per hour;
  •  139 restaurants in the USA;
  • And the major problem: very high turnover (the rate came to scary 135%!).

The adopted Gamification solution

Applebees has decided to implement a Gamification strategy focused on an engagement program for franchise developers. In December 2013 BeeBlock was launched, a gamified portal, as a central part of the solution. BeeBlock included well known tactics in Gamification such as points, medals and missions

BeeBlock Solution Results

  • The main result was the turnover reduction by 20% in the first months of the Gamification implementation;
  • Gamification’s strategy was combined with Marketing & Technology (MarTech). Statistical analysis of a large data volume, BigData, brought accurate data from all sale points, making it possible to identify performance gaps in collaborators. As well as the causes of these gaps. This has reverted to knowledge about the franchise’s real needs in terms of staff training;
  •  90% of portal users are Applebees employees who declare to be more motivated to work.

What we learned from the Gamification case at Applebees:

  • Gamification solutions need to be scalable and adaptable to changes;
  • ROI is everything. Gamification is about engaging people for certain target behaviors. But how do we know if the engagement occurred without a results calculation by objective indicators
  • Gamification consists of a rich solution that can still be added to other MarTech fronts. Such types of innovations should be considered together. Especially in the franchise sector, where scale and quantity make all the difference

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