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SGS is one of the world's largest players in capacitation, training and certifications.

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Innovative EdTech Solutions

Education Technology provides products and services to companies and educational institutions that seek more efficient and cost-effective education and training models. Distance education combined with technology offers customized solutions, following the trends and behavior of people.

  • Cost reduction
  • Learning autonomy
  • Agility and customization
  • Better results
  • Flexibility and constant updating

Online courses production

Elaboration and transposition of content. Apps, e-learning, blended learning, handouts, videos, chats, quiz and other educational objects.


Long-scale distance education operation

Methodology focusing on retention and conclusion. More than five million people trained in Brazil and abroad.


Learning tracks

Interactive learning methodology: the student builds his path and knowledge.


Mobile learning

Development of mobile learning apps for continuous learning.


Gamified LMS

Learning management system with the use of Gamification, which improves the rates of attraction, commitment, achievement and retention of students.


Simulations and interactive systems

They enable the learning and training of situations and processes in a safer, more controlled and more economical way than the practice in a real environment.


Monitoring and tutoring

Online monitoring of the student, providing support in the content and in the educational environment.

Video game control

Educational games

Higher commitment, attention and performance, with reduced costs and scalability.


Online consulting

Service solution in digital platform, acting in real time.


Corporate social network

Intuitive platform that connects people and enhances internal communication, promoting commitment and a more collaborative culture.


Student acquisition

Student recruitment based on MarTech, identifying the exact profile of the potential student.

Mobile Solutions

Mobility for the user, modernity for the company.
Educational objects designed for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Your audience lives connected in the digital world all the time. Are your courses already part of this online mobile daily life?

DOT Digital Learning - DDL

Mobile platform for more agile, objective and focused education and training solutions. Dynamic content, accessed in a practical and interactive way.

Mobile Learning

Development of mobile learning apps for continuous learning.

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Gamification and
Educational Games

Gamification brings together techniques that increase employee attractiveness, commitment, retention and learning, reducing costs and increasing productivity and ROI.
Gamification is based on behavioral psychology, using game strategies outside the game environment.

The Educational Games contribute to greater commitment, attention and learning, with reduced costs and scalability.

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Major brands already have EdTech solutions from DOT digital group.


SENAR Development of distance learning platform

SENAR, a reference in educating and training of rural people, had the challenge of launching the first medium-level technical course for agribusiness.

DOT digital group has developed a distance-learning platform with format and content that meets the needs of rural workers.

The platform includes a hybrid format of courses, with use of didactic materials, video lessons, virtual environment guided by a tutor.

Currently, the Technical Course in Agribusiness counts on about 7 thousand students in 23 Brazilian states.

Much of the success of the course is due to the commitment and partnership with DOT, which is involved all the time with the objective of contributing to the formal education of agribusiness professionals.”

Maria Cristina Ferreira Formal Education Coordinator at SENAR

IBMEC Distance Learning Postgraduate Courses

IBMEC, a reference in higher education in Brazil, had the challenge of updating and developing new postgraduate curses with mobile access, attending to the needs of the target audience and considering the educational and technological trends.

DOT has developed a complete Educational and Visual project for the perfect equalization of the new courses and the necessary updates. We have developed the courses with responsiveness and language appropriate to the student profile, as well as interactive and dynamic resources.
We also developed a BSC game for the Business Strategy course, further raising students' interest in content.

Twenty-three courses have been updated and developed, designed for multi-device access.


Banco Mundial (The World Bank) Distance Customer Training

The capacitation process of public and private entities seeking funding from the institution took five days and did not always have satisfactory results.

The distance-learning platform with the necessary technology to present the theoretical contents, using an instructional design of the contents and didactic resources.

The success of the course in Brazil led the World Bank to design the expansion of the solution to Latin America and the Caribbean as early as 2017. The platform, in Spanish and English, will be able to identify the user’s country of origin and automatically offer the course in the appropriate language, including adapting the content to the specific demands and needs of each country.

  • Over 100 students per class
  • Average Satisfaction: 91%

DOT has been a partner of the World Bank in Brazil for almost 3 years, with the development of e-learning products that stand out for our development in Latin America. The team is always receptive to our needs, with the ability to understand our requests and deliver products that go beyond our expectations.”

Eduardo França Specialist in Financial Management of the World Bank

Get to know DOT digital group

We operate in strategic activities in the digital market, creating, implementing and delivering innovative solutions and opportunities in EdTech (Education Technology) and MarTech (Marketing Technology).

With 20 years of experience, we are one of the largest national groups in distance education, having trained more than 5 million people in Brazil.

Headquartered in Florianópolis, a technological and tourism center (capital of Santa Catarina state), we have offices in São Paulo, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

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