(Português do Brasil) DOT é presença confirmada no 24º Congresso Internacional ABED de educação a distância

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Gamification in corporate education | Case Natura

Using gamification in corporate education strategies is a trend, since the motivational features of games are able to make the teaching-learning process more attractive, engaging and fun.

Therefore, Natura, one of the largest companies in cosmetics production in Latin America, has invested in solutions developed by DOT.

Do you want to know how it works in practice? Get to know the gamification strategy applied at Natura!


Natura had a challenge: to motivate and engage consultants to increase sales productivity and brand interaction.


Before starting the gamification strategy, DOT developed a pilot study with 30,000 thousand consultants.

The operation resulted in the determination of objectives with associated KPIs to measure them, which made it possible to create incentive systems for consultants of different profiles. This data is also crucial for calculating ROI, refining the strategy and understanding the target audience.

The objective was to encourage the adoption of good habits by consultants, such as being better prepared for consulting, studying Natura’s institutional campaigns, checking their financial status, knowing the products better and improving customer service. That is, the system would be available online, emphasizing mobile use, smartphones and tablets, and would still bring practical problems to the company’s business and complex content.


From the research, it was possible to design the best strategy with the consultants, guaranteeing input to evaluate the results and possible adjustments in the strategy.

With this, several positive habits were reinforced substantially in the consultants, such as the possibility of ordering the products online and the reduction of bureaucracies.Use gamification in your corporate education strategy

Like Natura and many other successful DOT cases, your company can also use gamification to leverage corporate education.

Count on DOT to strategically analyze your business and the technical requirements for defining the indicators and goals of your corporate education project (face-to-face and online).

This was the challenge in Natura’s corporate training, solved by DOT. What is yours?


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Get to know StudiOn, a platform for learning experience

Training and development of employees is a frequent topic in companies. Companies increasingly understand that investing in developing team skills is critical to adapting to market needs and even anticipating trends.

With the advance of technology, the way of teaching and learning has changed. Online education is growing in Brazil and the expectation is that these numbers will increase even more. According to the Higher Education Census of 2016, from Inep, while the face-to-face teaching had an annual drop of 0.08% in enrollments, distance learning had an expansion of 7.2%.

In this scenario, using LMS is very positive. DOT has developed a platform for learning experience, StudiOn, which goes beyond a traditional LMS.

Read on and learn the benefits of applying it to your corporate education strategy.

What is an LMS platform?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. In a simplified way, we can say that it is a platform that encompasses all the stages of acquiring new knowledge, from the access of the students, through the control and monitoring of the learning process, to generation of reports and issuance of certificates.

Companies are already aware of this trend: according to Capterra research, 93% of CEOs will maintain or increase the training and e-learning budget.

To learn more, read on and check out 4 benefits of using StudiOn, a platform for learning experience.

1-   Reduced costs

An EdTech training ensures more agility in the learning process, reducing the time of dedication and increasing productivity. There are many used strategies: games, videos, simulators, learning tracks or podcasts. All this allows a more dynamic learning.

The strategies should be developed individually in each company, so that it fulfills the outlined goal. Along with a specialized team of educational consultants, it is possible to define the most effective way to provide knowledge building.

2-   Flexibility

The advance of the internet and consumption of content via mobile devices is clear. In Brazil, a FGV (Getulio Vargas Foundation) research shows that the country has surpassed the mark of one smartphone per inhabitant: nowadays there are 220 million cellphones in use here.

Education must follow this trend. The internet allows students to keep up with the contents from where they are, allowing them to study when it’s best for them. An LMS platform should be mobile friendly and ensure a perfect user experience.

3-   Faster learning

With microlearning strategies, which is nothing more than offering content in learning pills, the process of absorbing information becomes more flexible and effective.

With shorter videos that synthesize the most important information, student engagement increases and collaborators can study whenever they have the time or whenever they need to.

4-   Following  current trends

Microlearning, gamification, augmented reality, virtual reality … these are just examples of tools that can be customized in an LMS platform to optimize the learning process.

Research shows that traditional training does not achieve the expected ROI and is not as effective in helping to retain students’ knowledge.

Preparing your team to act in this scenario turns your company into a business reference and makes it, now, a company of the future.

How DOT can help

StudiOn is a platform for learning experience, a modern and advanced LMS. Cloud-based, with high-capacity framework and file support in any format, the platform has been fully developed focusing on people – those who will manage the course as well as on the students.

StudiOn offers a customized learning environment according to your strategy and it can be designed perfectly for your company. Talk to our experts!


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Senar Goiás receives national education award


SENAR Goiás’ Distance Learning Program received the Learning & Performance Brazil Award 2018/2019 last Monday (27) in the category National Reference, which recognizes the best experiences in distance education in the country.

The award recognizes the best distance education experiences in the country, in terms of objectives, performance, skills, learning, succession and career.

During the presentation were highlighted the results achieved through the offer of 26 distance courses, with more than 42,000 registrations since 2014, and also the courses’ impact on the rural businesses optimization, in the qualification of young people who will, in the near future, lead the agribusiness sector in Goiás and in the improvement of the quality of rural people’s lives.

The project uses technological solutions and content developed by DOT digital group, a Brazilian group specialized in EdTech solutions.

“We were very proud to receive the news. We have a dedicated team serving SENAR Goiás, always attentive to the best strategies and technologies. Being part of this transformation, where more and more people from the agribusiness can train and grow through digital education, is a huge honor”, said Luiz Alberto Ferla, CEO at DOT digital group.

The ceremony took place in São Paulo. The superintendent of SENAR Goiás, Antônio Carlos de Souza Lima Neto, and Fernando Couto, the Manager of Formal Education, were there.


Photo: Promotion

Source: Faeg Senar Communication System

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Games in corporate education | Honda Case for sales force

Games have always pleased audiences. They motivate, enthuse and focus on the behavior of the players. For years games have been linked almost exclusively to the entertainment industry.But the scenario has changed and today, using games is a valuable resource in corporate education.

Get to know the Honda case for sales force now!

Honda had two challenges: to replicate the actual functions of their CRM by simulating the situations and difficulties faced by dealership’s managers across the country, and enable the Sales team to sell the Honda Bank financing.


The solution was to create two games to be used in live training. For the challenge with CRM, the game was developed in the desktop format, which faithfully simulates the main functions of the real system, but that adds the game dynamics with the inclusion of objectives, actions external to the system and points, always based on the gamification strategy.

For the sales challenge, another game was created, this one for tablets and smartphones. With an interactive story and virtual customers, the game simulates calls for salespeople to learn how to interview customers, collect data, propose and negotiate.


Everything for the employee to learn in a digital environment before acting with real clients 🙂





The games are aimed at the motorcycle and car segments and was tested and approved by Honda’s sales teams. The positive results are coming together with sales effectiveness and better service!


The game has the mechanics of time-management, where the player must perform the actions and finish the objectives in the given time, a solution that combines with the real goal of the managers that is to manage the leads quickly.

Objectives and actions are also evaluated according to the correct use of the tool and the correct application of the processes.In this way it is always possible to evaluate, measure and intercede with the team!

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LMS | Digital environment for your corporate education

Developing and applying the concept of corporate education is a daunting task, but that does not mean it should be difficult or cumbersome. Leading organizations to a culture of professional and personal development involves implementing systems and tools that stimulate learning, collaboration, and building knowledge that can be applied immediately and improved over time. One of the most complete alternatives for instituting this culture is the LMS (Learning Management System). Do you know what it is?

“The LMS can be a great ally to put into practice the ongoing training project of your company. A well-built and managed system can become one of the most important training tools.”

And what are the advantages of using a learning management system in my company?

More than a content repository, the LMS can be the strategic mechanism for those who want to move forward in organizations’ human resources policy. In a world where information reaches people with mind-boggling speed, aggregating all the tools, knowledge, and referrals can dramatically improve communication and productivity. 

By itself, this would already be a huge advantage of investing in an LMS, but the search for better results brings new meaning in the use of this tool. By aggregating procedures, standards, training, archives, personal and organizational performance indicators, campaigns and others, the LMS highlights the path that each employee has traveled within the company. This learning trail serves both to the user to build his career and to inspire his colleagues.

How to extract the best from my LMS?

Bringing the company to the 21st century is not only investing in technology, but knowing how to best apply it. Considering individual needs, LMS is the best tool to meet the most diverse levels of knowledge. Each employee learns at his own pace and the content can be adapted in a variety of formats, such as microlearning, videos, games. The differentiation in the formats ensures the engagement and allows adjustment to keep the team challenged.
DOT digital group develops StudiOn, a complete LMS for corporate education and educational institutions. One of the biggest advantages for companies is to be able to manage everything from full reports on employee learning to creating various profiles in the system.

Experience API

One of the main trends for LMS platforms is the inclusion of experience APIs (xAPI), in order to enable the tracing of user experiences in learning. StudiOn was already designed to do that.

In addition, the benefits of working with a modular learning platform are immense, because it enables the institution to adapt its teaching strategies to the platform, without having to get features that it will not use.

Want to schedule a StudiO guided tour?

Click here and talk to our experts, they will help you to know the most modern and complete LMS in the market.

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DOT digital group lectures in conference about corporate education in New York

At Columbia University, COO and DOT Consultant present successful cases.

DOT digital group will be present in a major conference on corporate education in the United States. Rubens Oliveira, COO and educational consultant Gabriella Miranda of the DOT digital group will attend the International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace 2018 (ICELW), which is held annually at Columbia University in New York and is already in its 11th edition.

The event will take place between June 13 and 15, in which experts from more than 50 countries, representing organizations, academic institutions and government entities, will discuss the challenges and changes of digital education in companies and the use of technology to improve performance at work. ICELW also brings together researchers and professionals from around the world, and welcomes all those interested in the uses of technology to improve the performance of education in the workplace.

How are we going?
A brazilian entrepreneurial group that believes there are no time or space limits for learning. The theme translates what we do daily: promote education for all, without limits of space or time.

Among the cases we are going to present – all focused on the expansion of online education and human promotion – Natura, client with a project related to the brand’s consultants, the World Bank and SENAR are highlights in the presentation on June 15.

Find out a little more about these cases.

ICELW 2018
Columbia University Conference Center, New York – USA
June 13-15, 2018.

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